I want tell you the intresting story about Dan McClelland and his dog. This story about animals loyalty. A dog named Midge helped him in his work. She found traces of drugs very easily and also had a proper certificate. In 2016, Dan ended his career, the dog remained loyal to Dan and also ended her career.

After his dismissal, Dan planned to go on vacation by car and took his dog and wife with him. After that, it turned out that Dan had cancer, he was hospitalized and died. Midge passed away at home, possibly of a broken heart, just hours after McClelland lost his battle with cancer at the hospital. At that time she was 16 years old, her height was 28 cm, length 58 cm. Such a little girl had a big heart that couldn’t stand the loss of the owner.

They were very famous, after 2006 when Guinness Book of Records placed Midge on its pages they became more and more well known,you can see them in many programs and find interesting stories about them in magazines.

Dan made the right choice, this little dog coped much better with her work and easily solved with the tasks assigned to her than large and aggressive dogs. From the information that has reached us from the family, Dan and the Midge were buried together.

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