We all know that children always love more openly and connect with both people and animals. A girl named Maria, who walked next to a local school, remembered the story of her dog.

The girl jokingly calls her dog a chameleon . The fact is that when the dog was a cub, its fur was white-gray, and three months later it was already white with a slight reddish tinge.

Mary remembers the day she met her dog, as it was yesterday. The girl was walking near the local school that day, it was there that she saw this small but frightened and hungry cub. At that time Masha decided to take the dog home. The girl fed the puppy and it immediately fell asleep, curled up in a ball. She named the dog Betty.

Now Maria can’t imagine how she can live without her dog. The dog has been living with Masha for a year and three months . Today both Maria and the dog live very happily and this story is about a little girl who saved this dog and today the dog protects her, obeys and loves her owner.Write to

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