There is no daughter-in-law like my daughter-in-law in the world, what a good choice my sun made to find a smart, educated and literate girl like her. I love her very much, every day we have tea and coffee with each other, we go shopping. You will not imagine how easy my life has become with her, I feel like a fish in water.

I love her more than my son. Even a word doesn’t come out of my mouth, he already knows what I’m going to say or want. God forbid that I get sick, but she doesn’t go by my side all night. Who wouldn’t want to have such a priceless daughter-in-law?

On that day, she gave me a present without any reason, it was neither my birthday nor there was any other reason why my son’s eyes were on his forehead. He said, “Dam, I have bought a ticket for you for 10 days to go to have a rest. It’s a relaxing package with massages and a bath. You will definitely like it very much.” Wow, this girl is bright, may God give you light, have a daughter-in-law like this, I will die for her dear.

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