An elderly grandmother lives in our building. That grandmother is alone and has no relatives. Her husband and son died during the earthquake. Now the poor grandmother’s only hope is her pension, which is pennies. When our neighbors go to the store in the winter, we ask that grandmother what she needs from the store, so that she doesn’t go to the store on the ice and accidentally slip and fall.

Grandmother Jenny never asked anyone for anything, so when we went to the store for her, we had to take the money from her, otherwise she wouldn’t accept anything.

I have a hard time imagining how that woman lives on her poor pension, how she pays utilities, buys medicine and food with that pension, not to mention heating the house.

That day, on my way home from work, I noticed her near the garbage can. I noticed from a distance that she was taking pieces of dry bread out of the trash and filling his bag.

My heart sank from that scene. In fact, the poor woman secretly rummages through the garbage to find something and save her existence. I left that place so that she couldn’t notice me suddenly. And I talked with my husband to allocate a small amount of money from our family budget every month to buy food for grandma Jenny. My husband agreed.

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