Since we got married, me and my husband wwere working from morning to night to pay off the credits.

But every time my mother-in-law wanted to give more than half of my husband’s salary to her little son and his wife.

They live separately, they both work, but my mother-in-law thinks that, they are always in troubles and credits are more then ours and we have to work to support them.

They have jobs than me and my husband. They get much more money than we, but they want to spend it on new and expensive clothes and jewelries, but my mother-in-law thinks that we will help them with money.

In my mother-in-law’s opinion, her son and I are old enough to enjoy life, and to think about nothing․

I told my husband to choose, you give them a penny, I will let you go or I will quit my job and stay at home alone.

From that day on, my husband argued with my mother-in-law and said that whenever they are in trouble, I will help them.

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