My granddaughter is in the 3rd grade already, she is a very smart and kind child.

One day I told her to communicate with the children, to make friends, to invite them to our house.
Then sad child said that none of her classmates wants to play or communicate with her, they even don’t want to sit next to her.
I was shocked and asker her why none wants to communicate with her?

She answered that the reason is that she is wearing the same clothes everyday.
Then she started to cry.

I told her to explain them why they are doing that, she said that she doesn’t want to, that why should they talk to her for her clothes.

I was amazed that a 9-10 year old child understood so much. I saw a child upset by that fact.

One day I decided to go to school and find out what the teachers are doing to make this child not to be isolated from others.

It turned out that the teachers don’t even know the details, the teacher noticed and remarked to the child that everyone is equal in the school, regardless of who is from what kind of family.

I entered the class to met my granddaughter’s classmates. I told them that my daughter – my granddaughter’s mom passed away when my granddaughter was 1 year old, and she was wearing her mother’s sewn clothes every day and like that she feeled that her mother was with her.

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