The way their children acted that night in the restaurant.

Taking your family out for dinner can turn both ways.

Parents take 5 kids to dinner and then are handed notes about their children’s behavior. Sometimes, especially for larger families with multiple kids, going out can feel like herding cattle. There are times when things are tamer and everyone can eat their dinner in peace. On the other hand, we can find ourselves in situations where people are throwing us daggers with their eyes.

Kids can be a handful, that’s for sure.

So when a stranger noticed how a set of kids acted in a restaurant in Texas, they decided to write the family a letter.

The Bokorst family had dinner at Rico’s Hacienda. With five children with ages ranging from 4 to 14, one can easily expect things to get a bit rowdy. Such is life with kids, especially when you’re out. But not the Bokorst family.

“We just try to make sure to let them know that when they are out in public, specifically, that they are well-behaved,” Ryan Bokorst, their dad, said to KPRC 2.

It can already be hectic with just two kids, so five kids of different ages? But through their parenting and communication, the family of seven managed to have dinner without interrupting others.

Kids running around isn’t bad in itself.

Watch the video below to see how the behavior of these children landed their families with a surprise!

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