I remember we had a boy in my class and everyone teased him because he wore the same clothes every day. Sometimes even his clothes were dirty. But no one went into the reasons.

As the years went by, he never found any normal friends at school. He didn’t even participate in prom and other parties. More or less I was the one who was close, sometimes we went to school together. I knew that they had very serious financial problems, and they couldn’t live properly, so they didn’t have money even for clothes. But I remember that he had a very good family, and was educated and working.

After high school, the connection disappeared. A few days ago I met him by chance in the street and I didn’t even recognize him. He came up to me and said: Hello, we were in the same class 25 years ago, remember? Wow, I was so happy and surprised. When you look at him, you know right away that he’s pretty wealthy, his car is expensive, his clothes are nice and he’s very well-groomed. But money didn’t change it, he might not have come up to me, didn’t say hello, but we talked and had some nice moments.

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