A video showing Katie Boyle and Jason Calacino play out the Honky Tonk was first posted in quite a while and has been seen 8 million times

Jason has been known for a specific way of moving called the West Coast Swing. When he turned into a youngster, he began to get into line moving. He then, at that point, proceeded to learn more perplexing dance styles including Argentine tango, salsa, jazz, and even partner dancing.

Katie began moving at only 2 years of age. She proceeded with her preparation through her school years. Right now, she works in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as an expressive arts instructor. In the video underneath, the pair play out an intense “Honky Tonk” routine to a hit song known as “Honky Tonk Woman.” Even though the beat sounds very much like a bluegrass song, it was composed by Keith Richards and Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones when they were traveling in Brazil. The singers have expressed that the song was to some degree roused by “Caipiras” Brazilian music.

One more noteworthy reality about the pair is the way their feet seldom stay on the ground as they dance. This routine incorporates many lifts that require elegance, strength, and extraordinary equilibrium. It is genuinely stunning to watch.

Watch as Jason executes a really amazing lift. The pair are right at home! Jason and Katie have their smooth motions completely under control as they execute immaculate lifts, plunges, twists, and turns. It is no big surprise that the pair were given the primary award in the opposition they entered.

Is it safe to say that you are prepared to see the dynamite Honky Tonk execution yourself? Look at it underneath:

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