Prom is a special night in every teenager’s life. And the decision of who to go to prom with is also a major one. This teenage boy, who was best friends with his grandmother knew who he would take immediately…

Especially since he learned that she did not have much time left anyway…

Julia Jarman’s family was given the shocking news by doctors that she did not have much time left. It was the February of 2017 when she had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Her 17-year-old grandson Vigil was her best friend. And when he came to know of his grandmother’s diagnosis, he decided to make sure her last few months on earth were filled with priceless memories. He along with his sister made plans to make their grandma’s last few months super special.

He first took her to Florida for a week where the duo enjoyed a Mother’s Day lunch together. They also visited the graves of loved ones and had a memorable time on the trip together.

He wanted to make his grandmother’s last six months of life as special as he could. With his prom coming up, his sister asked him, “Why don’t you just take Grandma to prom?”

Before he went about asking his grandmother, he called his school principal to ask whether she could accompany him. The school had a policy where only partners under 20 years old were allowed.

Surprisingly, principal Joseph Lewis was more than happy to make the exception. And Vigil was excited to ask his grandmother as she had never been to prom in her life.

He asked his grandma and she said yes. The two made sure she lived the experience fully. Vigil recalled, “We got her hair cut. We got her nails done.”

She wrote a beautiful blue dress to match her grandson’s outfit. While most teenagers accompanied one another to prom, Vigil entered with his grandma on his arm.

The staff at school made sure their time at the dance was lovely. As they entered they gave Jarman a sash and a sparkling crown. The evening was made all the more special since it was also the eve of Jarman’s 92nd birthday.

His peers loved the sight of grandma and grandson dancing together. The DJ also played Jarman’s favorite song “Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Elvis Presley, as the duo danced together.

“She almost had me crying as she was singing it along with me while we were dancing,” young Vigil recalled.

“She has been one of my best friends since I was born,” Vigil said. “I wanted to bring my grandmother to prom because I wanted to do something special for her,” he added.

“We laughed, we talked, we had coffee, and we had juice,” Jarman said, while the elderly woman said the first prom night of her life was “just wonderful.”

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