Turning older is a reminder of how far we have come in life. These days a lot of actresses who we are used to seeing in glamorous outfits and makeup are revealing what lies beyond the makeup and filters on social media.

Danica McKellar is the latest actress to post a selfie sans makeup to celebrate her 48th birthday…

On January 3rd, 2023, Danica McKellar turned 48 years old. She is best known for her role as Winnie Cooper in The Wonder Years. The actress has been praised by fans for her youthful looks.

The actress has been busy recently. While previously she had been exclusively working with Hallmark, she has now moved on to creating movies for the Great American Family network.

She posted a selfie of herself without any makeup on and with no filters. She wrote in the caption, “Well hello there, 48! (Here’s the obligatory #nomakeup, #nofilter shot.) Thank you for all your sweet birthday messages already today! Wishing you all a beautiful 2023, and thank you so much for being on this journey with me, both with my movies on @gactv and with @mckellarmath, and of course also with my newfound faith, for which so many of you have been so encouraging!”

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She was candid about what she believed was the reason behind her youthful glow. She credited it to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a positive attitude. She shared that she always makes sure to eat well-balanced meals, get plenty of exercise as well as get a healthy amount of rest.

The actress has always looked gorgeous but this no makeup and filter picture confirms what we always knew; she is beautiful. Even at 48 years old without any cosmetic help!

As for her positive mindset, she practices gratitude and hopes to give back to the world in as many ways as she possibly can.

The actress also asked everyone who wanted to get her a gift to donate to charities instead. She named three of her favorite charities that were all for helping children. She named Stuff My Bags, Child Help, and America’s Kids Belong.

It is incredibly wonderful for the actress to practice what she preaches by directing attention given to her to some noteworthy causes.

The actress has been keeping busy with making a lot of Christmas TV movies recently. She even wrote a book to help children learn math.

Her last project was Christmas at the Drive-In which was loved by her fans and those who adore Christmas movies.

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