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At Specsavers Ópticas we recommend that adults have at least one eye test every two years — not only to check changes in your vision, but also the health of your eyes.

During your visit we run a series of tests that give the optometrist a full analysis of your eye health so we can offer care that best suits you and your lifestyle.

Before you come in, a few things to remember:
If you wear glasses:
Please bring your current pair to your appointment.
If you wear contact lenses:
Please bring your glasses, contact lenses and, if you use them, case and solution, as you’ll need to remove your lenses for the examination.
Please be mindful of local coronavirus restrictions when attending your appointment.

What happens in an eye test?
There are three main parts involved in our typical eye tests:

History and symptoms
This gives you the opportunity to discuss any concerns you have about your eyes, vision or current glasses, and whether you’re experiencing any symptoms which might need further investigation. Your optometrist will ask about your general health, medications, any past treatment on your eyes, or if there are any family members with eye conditions. All this information helps them to tailor the examination to best suit your needs.

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