I am a doctor, and a sonographer, and have been in the profession for 10 years or more. The most rewarding part of my job is when pregnant women come to see their babies. It’s a very satisfying moment when we study the babies in mom’s tummy and they can feel everything.

Recently there was a terribly exciting case that has never happened in my practice before. So a woman came in for an echo. The pregnancy was 19 weeks. We checked the baby first, all was good, then I asked if you knew the sex, and he said no, I wanted to know, but I’m very afraid. I said what are you afraid of, hinting that maybe they want a boy and don’t want a girl. He said: I don’t know if my dream will come true or not. That’s why I’m afraid, then he said, don’t say anything, I’m willing to listen. He said they checked earlier and said it appears to be a boy. I looked and it was already apparent that the baby was a girl and not a boy. I said the baby was definitely a girl.

The woman was confused and started thanking God. She was crying and I looked at her in surprise. I say it’s okay, she said yes sure, I have 3 boys, I’m finally going to have a girl, it was my and my husband’s dream. I say it’s always the other way around. I took a picture of a baby smiling like that, I’ve never seen anything like that before. Our country still makes the distinction between a girl and a boy and gets upset when they find out they are having a girl. I said, I have 2 daughters and they are wonderful, how could I say no to them? I congratulated her and wished her an easy pregnancy.

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