Last Christmas, Emma Tapping caught the attention of parents around the world. The 36-year-old mother of three gave her children a veritable mountain of presents, and she posted a picture of all the presents on her Facebook page. And the gifts were so piled so high, it’s hard to even see the Christmas tree.

And this year, Emma has even more planned.

“I think they had about 85 presents each last year. This year they’ve got about 96 each, so they’ve got a few more bits,” she told the Mirror.

Emma’s extreme Christmas gifting has aroused both curiosity and anger among parents. Some say she spoils her children—but Emma insists that that’s not the case.

The online outrage caused Emma so much stress that she collapsed and had to be hospitalized last Christmas Eve. Despite this, Emma is buying even more presents for her children this year—and she’s also taking part in a documentary on Britain’s Channel 5 called “Xmas Excess: Parents Splash The Cash.”

“I’d gone from being a normal mum to being in the papers, being talked about, being on TV. If you ask me do I spoil my kids, I would say at Christmas yeah I do, but I don’t spoil them throughout the year. They get their necessities, their school uniforms, the things that they need, but we don’t go on holidays abroad, they don’t go on big shopping sprees—anything they want, they get it for Christmas,” Emma said.

The only problem the children have with receiving the gifts is that they don’t have time to open them all. Emma’s daughter Ella, for example, still has unwrapped Christmas present from last year in her room.

Watch an interview with Emma here:

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