Singer Sarah James has the voice, the stage presence, the personality, and she’s just thirteen years old.

The teen wowed America’s Got Talent with her mind boggling interpretation of Billie Eilish’s hit tune, “Beautiful.” I seriously love Billie, but this child sang that melody better than the first. Such countless goosebumps. Her voice is simply so penetrating and beautiful.

Without a doubt. Sarah is a star really taking shape. Simon plainly saw that when he hammered the Golden Buzzer. With that, the igniting confetti and tears poured down, optimizing Sarah directly to the live shows

“We’ve heard a great deal of vocalists throughout the long term, but goodness,” Simon said. “You have a genuine star gleam about you that is really irrefutable.”

Simon truly wasn’t joking when he said she had a star quality; I was totally enchanted by her performance. Sarah is stunningly gifted; I truly delighted in watching her and can hardly stand by to see her develop.

I’d generally grumble that this is simply one more youngster artist, but she has no tragic account, and her voice is beautiful. So clear and smooth.

Simply watching her looks was insane. It was solid and profound, and you could feel it. I got chills. The whole crowd was on their feet.

“Sara, Sara, Sara. We’ve heard a great deal of vocalists throughout the long term, but goodness!” said Simon.

Proceeding, Simon said her performance was “a second I’ll always remember. Furthermore, I want to make this a second for you to recall forever.”

Sara is most certainly one to watch out for as “America’s Got Talent” proceeds with its seventeenth season. Watch her performance below and let us know your thought process in the remarks on Facebook.

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