Lu Zhi-hao is an obese child hailing from Shunde, Guangdong. The four-year-old is 110 centimeters tall and weighs 62 kilograms. The Chinese media names him “China’s no. 1 fat kid.”

Known as “Xiao Hao” by loved ones, the kid has been taken to a few emergency clinics in Guangdong to figure out why he’s so fat, but specialists can say that it is down to terrible dietary patterns.

On the off chance that he doesn’t take care of his weight currently, specialists foresee Xiao Hao’s corpulence will become hazardous when he turns 20.

As indicated by Apple Daily, a Hong Kong weight reduction focus has proposed to assist Xiao Hao with losing weight free of charge. The middle, which has not given out its name, utilizes non-meddlesome Japanese innovation to assist the body with separating fat.

Xiao Hao’s parents are presently applying for a license to venture out to Hong Kong and expect to be here with their stout child in two or three weeks.

“We accept there should be experts in Hong Kong who can help us,” says Xiao Hao’s father, Lu Ye-ming.

The mother and father of the child are both of typical weight, and heftiness has not been a piece of the family’s wellbeing history. Xiao Hao gradually ate his direction to fatness.

But he’s been placed on a tight eating routine now, and that implies chopping down from his normal three dishes of rice for every supper to only one bowl.

Apple Daily’s video of Xiao Hao at school shows him completing his bowl of rice at lightning pace and asking his companions for their snacks. When they don’t participate, he takes a meatball from his neighbor’s bowl.

He is compensated with a punch to the face, but the swing scarcely appears to affect the child’s puffy cheeks.

The WHO expresses in excess of 20% of the populace in a few Chinese urban areas are currently obese.

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