Kids are the most funny little creatures!

A 5-year-old young lady in England named Ella was participating in an exhibition of the Christmas story when she appeared to flip off the group for a greater part of the play.

The young lady had no clue about what she was doing other than attempting to stand out.

Turns out Ella had a hangnail on her finger and was doing whatever it takes not to send her school a message, The New York Post reports.

Carla Bovington, the young lady’s mother, talked with Kennedy News, saying, “The exhibition was about thirty minutes in length, and I would agree that 70% of it she had her center finger up. I was thinking, “Goodness God, Ella if it’s not too much trouble, stop.” Because she was making it happen so honestly, I think the vast majority were thinking, ‘Gracious, favor her.’”

Despite the fact that Ella evidently had no clue about what she was doing, Bovington said, “A couple of the more established children murmured, ‘Ella has her finger up.’ Everyone appeared to know what she was doing.”

Underhanded, devious.

“It was so entertaining in light of the fact that she didn’t understand what she was doing,” Bovington proceeded. “I needed to keep mouthing ‘Put your finger down,’ watchfully, but then, at that point, I recently acknowledged that she would have been remaining there with her finger up.”

“It must be my child,” Bovington proceeded. “She simply thinks she looks adorable, but doesn’t have the foggiest idea for what reason we are in general it is very amusing to snicker which. When she’s more established I will get (the photographs) out again to show her. The subsequent presentation was vastly improved. There was a tad of joking around unsurprisingly for her, but it was fine.”

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