I have a normal job, I am one of the best employers in my field, that’s why there should be an exchange of experience, they send me on a business trip. I don’t give up either, I yearn for the world, I learn new things. I went this time too, but it just so happened that we came a little early. Well, I didn’t say anything even when you came, it’s not like there was time to talk to her.

I also wanted to surprise her, I bought her favorite dog from Paris. I was coming home happy, but I couldn’t have imagined what was waiting for me. I opened the door of the house and saw what other man’s shoes were on, then I went to the room and saw that someone had put a bag on my bed, he was talking on the phone, and my wife was cooking dinner in the kitchen.

Well, imagine how furious I was, they also saw me, they got mixed up, especially my wife ran to my face, saying that she would explain everything. I also put the flowers on the ground, looked at the man for a while, he said I would know his number, I would call him,that he had something to talk to me and left the house. While still in shock, I went to my brother’s house.

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