Kindness is always appreciated and remembered, especially if it refers to a stranger:

Kindness always comes back to you.

But have you ever heard of the kindness of animals? There are many such stories, animals are very attentive and kind especially to children. Have you ever wondered how often our beloved animals save us?

They can understand our feelings well and help us overcome difficulties, for example, domestic dogs and cats always notice their owner’s bad mood, trying to entertain them and help.

The cat became the hero of the whole city, a rare hero. She saved the life of a child.

One day a woman from the basement heard strange voices,her beloved cat was calling for help with a loud meowed. After a few minutes, when the voices didn’t stop, the woman went to the basement to find out what had happened there.

When she opened the door, she saw a cat lying next to a child, and the child was in a box. The cat tried to warm up the child so that he would not die from the cold and called her master to help him.

The woman immediately took the child to the hospital, and the cat ran after the car to make sure that the child was good.
A truly heroic step, worthy of praise. The cat saved the child, realizing that he was in trouble. Who would have thought that a cat could be more human than a person who threw a child into a box.

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