Cosmetic plastic surgery includes surgical and nonsurgical procedures that enhance and reshape structures of the body to improve appearance and confidence.

Celine Sentino from Zurich as a teenager was not considered the beautiful girl — ridiculous bangs, slouching and suspenders. Her classmates didn’t miss the opportunity to once again tell the girl that she was not perfect. Sometimes teenagers are being so rude with others .

Celine got tired of that and she promised herself that she would become the most beautiful girl. Since then, she has started saving the necessary amount for those plastic surgeries that Celine has planned for herself.

When she turned 18, Celine begun her transformation. Her dream was a magnificent chest, because she herself has a rather modest size by nature. Then the girl enlarged her lips, changed the shape of her nose, cheekbones and inserted veneers.

Now even her mother and close friends hardly looks at her, because this changed girl isn‘t very similar to that very simple Celine.

Thousands of people are now subscribed to the girl on Instagram, because many dream of that gorgeous appearance and life in general that Celine has.

The most important thing is that because of plastic surgery, people didn’t lose their uniqueness.

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