This sweet grandma from Vietnam Nguyen Thi Dinh is as of now 83 years of age, of which she has not cut her hair for the last 64. During this time they transformed into a colossal spit 6 meters in length.

A lady says she initially came to the hairdresser when she was 19 years of age. It wasn’t long after the haircut that she began having extreme and strange migraines. Specialists couldn’t figure out what was befalling the little kid; the treatment didn’t help.

Just when the hair came back did the aggravation come by itself similarly as suddenly. From that point forward Thi Dinh has chosen not to cut her hair. Right away, she still in some way taken care of her hair, but her head started to hurt again from contact with water, so it became difficult to wash her hair.

The lady gathered the regrown strands into a sort of dreadlock plait, with which she actually strolls right up ’til now.

Today Thi Dinh lives in a sanctuary in his old neighborhood. Travelers uniquely visit this spot to see its 6-meter spit. Incidentally, the genuine length of a lady’s hair is significantly longer, but unwinding them is beyond the realm of possibilities.

Thi Dinh has for quite some time been totally dim, but the «oldest» a piece of her plait has held a dim variety. The elderly person likes to look at her mesh, she says that it helps her to remember the hours of lighthearted youth.

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