Now Alyona Tskayeva is 16 years of age, she has previously moved on from school and she has a secondary school prom. This occasion could not have possibly existed in her life on the off chance that an exceptional powers official had not saved her half year old during the take-over of a school in Beslan in 2004.

These photos of Elbrus Gogichev holding a child zoomed all over the planet and became one of the images of the misfortune.

Albeit 16 years have passed, the man actually has not recuperated from that horrible occasion. Be that as it may, recently he? all things considered? visited the Beslan school, on the grounds that Alyona welcomed him to her graduation.

The young lady conversed with Gogichaev before the festival, after which the man rushed away. Elbrus could do without to address columnists’ inquiries, liking to disregard that day.

This isn’t whenever Alyona and Elbrus first have met since the misfortune. quite a while back, the man was available at the school line on September 1.

The young lady agreeably calls him «Uncle Elbrus» and treats him with great regard and love, since thanks to him she has an entire life in front of her!

It’s great to know that there are such fearless people in our reality – genuine legends!

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