When we get used to some people’s appearance we get surprised when they change it. This guy is known for his tattooed body and it is almost impossible to imagine what he looks like without them.

I’m unrecognisable after covering 95% of my body in extreme tattoos – my £40k transformation only began five years ago | The Sun

When Tristan did his first tatoo he then wanted to do more and more and couldn’t stop. But the tattoos are so amazing that everyone liked his new and attractive body.

Ha cubierto el 95% de su cuerpo con tatuajes y se siente irreconocible

The interent is full of his tatooed body and many people can’t even imagine how the guy will look like without them.

Man now totally unrecognisable after tattooing 95% of his body over five years – Daily Star

When Tristan’s fans saw the photos of his previous body they praised him for his beutiful appearance even without his tattoos.

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