What would you do if you found a young puppy alone on the busy side of the road?
For dog lovers and rescuers, it’s a no-brainer. Rescue and take the puppy home.

And that’s what this Massachusetts family did when they found this abandoned and lonely puppy on the side of the road.

But when they arrived home, they took a closer look and noticed something different about the puppy. It wasn’t a puppy, but they didn’t know it either.

So they called The New England Wildlife Center for assistance.
They found out the puppy they rescued was actually a baby coyote that had been separated from their family.

The New England Wildlife Center quickly assisted the family and assessed the coyote pup.

“With the help of the Mass Department of Public Health, we were able to determine there was no potential exposure risk to rabies, and were able to clear him for care and granted permission to rehab by Mass Wildlife,” they wrote on their Facebook post. “He is now recovering comfortably in one of our isolation wards, but will not be on his own for long! A foster sibling has just arrived from @riwildliferehab and they will soon be introduced.”

Now, just because this family was able to successfully rescue a coyote pup, it doesn’t mean everyone should rescue coyote pups they see abandoned on the side of the road.
“Coyotes are considered a Rabies vector species in MA and are susceptible to contracting the virus that is deadly to all mammals including people. If the finders had been bitten, scratched, or had extended contact we would have been mandated to euthanize the pup and test for rabies,” the New England Wildlife Center shared.

And the coyote pup might not actually be abandoned.
Their parents might actually be out hunting. If they catch you with their pup, it could get deadly. Or even if you manage to take home and raise the pup, it won’t last long.

How would we know the difference between a dog puppy and a coyote pup?
Leanna Brown Schwenke asked this question in their Facebook post.

“It can be hard to tell sometimes which is why consulting a professional is always a good idea. But in general the ears, coat, and the snout can help identify them,” they answered.

Generally, according to Animalia, coyote pups have a narrow pointed muzzle and erect pointed ears.

If you’re still unsure, it’s always best to call a local animal wildlife group for assistance.

As for this little one, the New England Wildlife Center will make sure it receives the best natural care possible.
“Once both pups receive their vaccinations they will be raised together and will be given a chance grow and learn natural behaviors in our large outdoor caging. We work hard to give them as much of a natural upbringing as possible, and will work to replicate the essential behaviors and skills they learn from mom and dad,” they reported.

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