After I got married, my mother-in-law scolds me every day. She doesn’t like the meals I cook or the laundry I do. I put out the laundry, she comes after me and puts it out again. In short, she’s completely into the role and she feels like I’m the maid in the house, she’s the queen and orders left and right.

I chose the right policy, I didn’t get on my nerves and I didn’t complain to my husband.

I just did all my chores in silence.

One day she said something that I really couldn’t take anymore. I was doing the work and all of a sudden she tells me. “You can’t do household chores, what will happen to the baby you gave birth to?”.

This time I didn’t answer her either, my husband came home and I complained, for the first time, he realized that if I was complaining now, she really did it. In the morning I heard my husband tell my mother-in-law not to scold me anymore and to be cool with me.

And after that our life changed.

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