n the world of announcements, there are few bigger than announcing that you are having a baby! Nowadays, most baby announcements come through Facebook or Instagram, but for the people that are closest to you, telling them in person is still an event!

Some people break the secret with pranks and others use the shock factor.
Watching people react to finding out a friend or family member is having a baby is always quite the sight! It’s usually hilarious and people don’t normally know how to respond! Often, it involves yelling, screaming, and to end, hugging the expecting mom.

One family decided they were going to let their kids know that mom was pregnant in a funny way.

Ryan Finlay and his wife, Candice, have five kids in their home! The national average for most families is around two, so the Finlays beat that number handily! Once you get past two, it’s all about zone control instead of man-to-man coverage and things can get hectic.

You might think that five is a good stopping point, but the Finlay’s seemed to have made a hobby of it!

Six times the charm, right? For their sixth baby, they decided they were going to film their kids and get their reaction to the news. We are thankful they did, too, as the result is absolutely hilarious!

Ryan starts by getting all the kids together on the couch.

Keeping five kids focused isn’t an easy task. Ryans solution? A challenge! He tells them that if they can not laugh for the entire duration of the talk, he will give the winner a crisp $5 bill. As you can imagine, that settled them down!

He then proceeds to make funny jokes, hoping to get them out of their stoic poses!

Watching them try not to laugh is almost as funny as the reveal!

“I need someone to take out the cat litter and we don’t have a scoop. We need a volunteer.”

Watching the kids try and keep a straight face, even when threatened with cat poop, is incredibly funny. The middle kid hold his nose nad the oldest girl tries to hold her breath! the youngest does a combination of both, hoping to copy her older siblings.

At one point, the oldest kid (on the right) holds in his laugh so hard that he turns beet red!

All that pressure finally gets released when their dad finally drops the news, however. At 2:37 seconds, however, it all becomes real.

“I’m serious we’re going to have a baby.”

When Ryan says that, they all let go of their air! Looking at their faces in shock, they wait for a joke to see if he’s being for real. He is.

The next few minutes are the kids learning and asking questions about the baby!

If you want something really cute, check out the middle boy, the second from the right, as soon as he realizes it’s not a joke. He tries to hide is face but it looks like he is about to cry! With over 3 million views, it looks like lots of other people enjoyed watching this funny family, too!

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