I am a doctor, I work in a regional clinic. A few days ago an underage girl came to see me. At first I was surprised that she came without her parents. She was 13 years old.
She said things to me that made me cry.

He said that his mother was sick, she often felt sick, but because they didn’t have money, she didn’t go to the doctor. She told me what complaints his mother had and asked for something to help. Promising that she would earn money when she grew up and make sure to pay her debt. I said we had it for free, but my mother would have to go to a better specialist, for whom she would have to pay.

But my heart was so upset that I called one of the doctors I knew who worked at the clinic and asked him to refer the patient for an emergency checkup and find out what the problem was. My heart ached that a child of that age was trying to help his parents in some way.

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