Christmas is one of the most cherished holidays for millions of people around the world. That also applies to the Royal Family, who have witnessed over the past few years how Christmas has once again become a time when kids are the centre of attention.

Even though Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will celebrate Christmas as usual, there has been a lot of drama created with only a few weeks left in the year.

Members of the Royal Family have shown interest in the couple’s trailer for their new Netflix documentary series. They may have also declined King Charles’ invitation to spend Christmas at Sandringham, according to reports.

Harry and Meghan have already celebrated Christmas with the royal family on multiple occasions. They exchange Christmas gifts, just like “normal” families, and no, these gifts don’t have to be fancy cars or castles. One year, Meghan gave Prince William—with whom she had a close relationship at the time—a gift that many found puzzling.

The relationship between Meghan and Harry’s older brother appeared to be going well when the two first met and began dating. The fact that William and Meghan got along well was obviously important to the other royals.

Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, authors of the pro-Sussex biography Finding Freedom, stated that William and Meghan “got along so well” after their first encounter.

Even if their joint Christmases seem like a long time ago, Harry and Meghan have occasionally celebrated with the royal family. The Royal Family celebrates Christmas with its own customs, including gift-exchanging and watching the monarch’s address, as do millions of other families around the world.

Even though Kate, William, Charles, Camilla, and other royals might come across as strict in public, their private lives reveal something different.

The royals are said to have one entertaining Christmas custom. They exchange gifts that are meant to make people laugh in addition to “ordinary” gifts.

Because of this, Meghan gave her new brother-in-law, William, a rather unique gift one year.

Just one month after she and Harry announced their engagement, Meghan Markle received her first invitation to spend Christmas at Sandringham. Typically, according to royal custom, only the immediate family is permitted to spend the holidays at the estate. The Queen made an exception in Meghan’s case, even though he and Harry weren’t wed at the time.

The family members have received a number of “gag gifts” over the years. For instance, before Harry and Meghan were introduced in 2016, Kate reportedly gave him a “Grow Your Own Girlfriend” kit, and William once gave the Queen a pair of personalised slippers bearing her face.


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