We lived in peace and harmony for so many years, I could never have thought that my family would fall apart because of another woman. My husband and I are a loving couple, hardworking, not very rich, but I’m not complaining, we lived well. We had nothing less, we managed everything, we had no worries, in short, there was no reason to break up.

I don’t know where that woman came from, my husband contacted her and our fights started. Stress at my place of work, stress at home. My husband asked if we should break up, I realized that he is not worthy of my love, nor did he name the child, he needed to break up quickly to run to his beloved. I also parted in a nice way without saying anything, he was surprised.

After the breakup, I started to take care of myself first, then the child. If I’m not well, my children won’t be well, that’s why I got myself in order, I fixed everything at work, I changed so much in just a few months that I looked stunning, besides, I got a new offer and I’m getting an even bigger salary. After seeing all that, my man came back again, came back with his itchy apology. I haven’t said anything yet, but I’m not ready to take it back, he didn’t care about his child first, and I don’t need such a father for my child.

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