I grew up without my mom, she died when I was 7 years old. My father never married and took care of me, and I always dreamed of feeling my mother’s tenderness and joy.

I am an adult now, but there is still a gap of my mother in my life, I feel her need all the time. But 2 years ago my life changed and I met my soulmate. We started dating and got engaged a year later.

My wife’s mother immediately became very fond of me and I felt a great affection for her. Especially since she knew about my mother’s absence, treated me more warmly and treated me very maternally. I noticed this immediately and appreciated it very much and at some point began to call her Mom.

That day I was with friends, my mother-in-law called, I picked up the phone and immediately said yes, dear mother. friends from outside were surprised, they know that my mother died, then during the conversation, when they realized that I was talking to my mother-in-law, they began to laugh. After the conversation I explained everything to them they were in shock and could not say a word.

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