I remember my husband driving for hours on a winter day, driving my son out of the village and returning for hours so he could go to the city, learn and become a successful man.

Today we are alone, we live alone. Our only son went to the city, got married there, we helped him, bought a house and he stayed to live there.

We can’t take that hit now. It would be a lie to say we had nothing to do with him, he always calls. Called that day too, we were very happy.

He said: that his daughter got married. We were happy, but we asked if there was a wedding, he said yes and a very big one.

He said he invited 300 people, and the father couldn’t stand it and cried and said: “Why didn’t you tell us?” He says, I forgot, I remembered at the last minute, and I thought you wouldn’t have the right clothes.

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