One day a young daughter came to her mother and complained about family problems and hardships. She didn’t know how to overcome them because she was tired of fighting.
Her mother took her to the kitchen, took three pots, put carrots in the first, eggs in the second, and ground coffee in the third. She added water and put the pots on the fire. After 20 minutes, she turned off the gas stove and removed the carrots, eggs, and coffee from the pots.

The mother asked her daughter to touch the carrots. After touching it, the daughter said the carrots were soft and crunchy. Then, at the mother’s request, she touched the egg, peeled the shell, and saw that the egg had hardened. At the end, she drank the coffee at her mother’s request and said with a smile that the coffee was delicious and fragrant. Then she asked։

“Mother, why did you ask me to try them?”

The mother replied:

  • My daughter, carrots, eggs, and coffee were subjected to the same test: they were boiled in water, but each reacted differently to the test. Carrots were hard before boiling, but after boiling they softened, and eggs were tender and brittle and hardened after boiling. their thin shells protected them, strengthened them. Ground coffee beans also changed the quality of water after boiling in water and gave a new flavor and aroma to the water.
  • Which one are you, my daughter, ? – Mother continued. – How do you react when complexity came to you? – Think about it. We are hard as a carrot, but when we meet all kinds of pain and difficulties, we become weak, we lose our strength, we become depressed.

Or we are like eggs? At first being weak and tender, when we face adversity, we grow stronger and stronger. Are we weak in spirit, but instead of being broken by loss, pain, financial, medical or other problems, we become more resilient?

Or maybe we are like ground coffee beans that have changed the taste and flavor of water as a result of a test, that is, unfavorable circumstances – pain, problems, difficulties – have caused a positive change.

If we are like coffee beans, we show our best willpower in adverse circumstances, harden ourselves and turn the situation in a favorable direction.

Do we try to reach a new, higher level, when our toughest moments and trials never cease?

Happy people don’t necessarily have the best things. They just make every effort to make everything in their path useful, better. Adversity strengthens our souls.

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