I waited a long time for the birth of my daughter. From the first day I found out I was pregnant, my happiness knew no bounds. Despite all the family problems and troubles, I was happy to be a mother. My husband and I had problems with his family. My mother-in-law can’t stand me, she couldn’t stand me from the first day and accepted me as a competitor.

I tried to make her understand that I am not competing with her, that I have nothing to share with her, but in vain. After the birth of my daughter, everything got deeper. She started reprimanding me in every matter, forcing me to keep the child according to her methods, and if I refused to do something according to her instructions, she made a big story about it and fought for several days. It got to the point that one day I couldn’t stand it, I told my husband and there was a big fight.

Everyone started accusing me, arguing with me, my husband hit me, he defended his mother, and then my mother-in-law threw me out of the house. I was left holding the child outside, I called my father and mother and told them to come and take me. They arrived in five minutes and took us home. I have been living in my father’s house with my daughter for a long time. We celebrated my daughter’s two month old at my parents’ house, tears did not stop flowing from my eyes that day. It’s true that my parents take care of us, they do everything for us, but I don’t find my place, I don’t know what will happen to us.

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