I noticed that something was wrong in my relationship with my boyfriend. He started to come our house very often, this was strange because usually he came only when I asked him to.

He could come to our house and pay no attention to me at all, he could sit and talk with my sister for hours. I didn’t even understand what they were talking about, and when I wanted to participate in the conversation, I always felt ignored.

I understood everything yersterday when he came our house very excited, but after he saw that my sister was not home, he was very upset and quickly found a reason to go. Can you imagine? I was absolutely not interesting to him.

I don’t know if my sister understood all this or not, but everything was clear to me. I don’t blame my sister, it’s my boyfriend’s fault.

I decided to ask him why. I wanted to know why he prefered my sister, because we are twins and very similar. And he stood in front of me without any shame and said: because her soul is pure and she thinks like me.

What should I do after all this, please tell me.

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