Ms. Jane remembers her old mistake with sadness. Having appeared in the nursing home, Jane tells that her children are abroad, she could not go to them, so the children decided that she could not live alone and took her to a nursing home.

Mrs. Jane does not complain about the conditions, according to her they take care of her there, but living in her own house is a completely different feeling. Her eyes are wet all day, she didn’t want to spend his old age there, but she understands that maybe God is punishing her in this way for the mistake she made at a time.

Jane’s mother also spent her old age in a nursing home. Jane took her mother to a nursing home, because she didn’t have time to take care of her. Now she understands that the same thing happened to her. ”I have a lot of time to think about my mistakes, every day I analyze what I have done, I understand how many mistakes I have made that I can no longer correct”.

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