drag queen is one of the heroes who saved an untold number of lives after a gunman opened fire at a Colorado gay nightclub … stomping on the gunman with her high heels.

Army vet Richard Fierro — who’d gone to Club Q in Colorado Springs with his family Saturday — pounced on suspected shooter Anderson Lee Aldrich when the bullets started to fly … this according to the NY Times.

Fierro clearly knew the drill — subdue and disarm. As he struggled with Aldrich on the ground, he screamed for backup.

That’s when a drag queen at the club ran over and began pummeling the shooter with her high heels. This gave Fierro a clear path, beating Aldrich with his own gun and repeatedly punching him into submission.

Fierro told the NYT he thought he killed him.

Cops swooped in and took Aldrich into custody. Fierro was also taken into custody amid the chaos, but was released an hour later. By all accounts, he’s a hero, as is the drag queen.

And there’s a tragic twist … Fierro’s daughter’s boyfriend Raymond Green Vance, was killed in the massacre.

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