My mother has a very bad temper. She insults and insults everyone, She annoys me and my sister, she doesn’t care about my father at all.

My father drinks non-stop, he is always drunk and unconscious. The care of the whole house is on my mother. My sister and I study at school.

In short, our house is in chaos. But the saddest thing is that my mother kicked my grandma out of the house and we can’t do anything.

My grandma is a smart and poor woman, but my mom does not tolerate her presence. One day she gave my grandma’s buggage with her clothes and said: “Go away, to your second son, let him keep you, let your second daughter-in-law care about you. Everyday he makes fun with friends in cafes and shops, but I take care of your drunk son and your pain. Go live with them, let them keep you for a while.”

My grandma took her buggage and left the home…

No matter how much my sister and I asked, begged and cried, it didn’t affect my mother to change her mind.

I will never forget my grandma’s face impoverished, lost and bereft. She silently took her buggage with clothes and left. Now she lives in his sister’s house with her family.

I talked to her yesterday, she says that she is treated very well, but she feels uncomfortable. She says that it will be better to bring her to a nursing home, but her sister is not agree with her opinion.

Please tell me what should I do now. I have neither money nor work to rent a house for my grandma. I can’t forgive my mother.

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