Harry and Olivia are “taking a break” from dating after nearly 2 years together, according to People, citing Harry’s busy touring schedule and Olivia’s family obligations and work in Hollywood.

HS and OW were first linked back in January 2021, when they were photographed holding hands at a friend’s wedding … at the same time they were filming “Don’t Worry Darling.”

Harry’s tour, which Olivia witnessed in person, is now going overseas … and Olivia’s reportedly hanging back in Los Angeles, working on projects and spending time with the children she shares with Jason Sudeikis.

As we’ve reported, Harry and Olivia’s relationship was not lacking in drama … Olivia and Jason’s ex-nanny claimed Olivia gave up her dog within weeks of meeting Harry, allegedly so she could free up time to spend with the singer.

There was also a ton of rumored drama on the set of “Don’t Worry Darling” as a result of Harry and Olivia’s romance, with Olivia reportedly going missing often with Harry. She was directing the film and he was starring in it.

The last time we saw Harry and Olivia together was a couple days ago, when she was at his concert.

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