Mother Nature is filled with beauty and wonder.
Humans may be a species with a huge population, but there are other creatures in the world that are majestic and fascinating.

Aside from the various beautiful plants found on this planet, the animals roaming it are also worth knowing.
However, we are not familiar with most animals, especially those that we don’t see on a day-to-day basis.

It’s a big blessing to have photographers, especially those who are passionate about capturing nature.

Their works of art give us a clear glimpse of the wonders of the environment that are not always accessible in everyday life.

Photos can be taken in the deepest parts of a forest or from the highest place on a mountain – and sometimes (like in this case), you can even capture a memorable shot right from the side of the road.

One photographer captured this adorable moment and it is truly an adorable sight to see.

Hannie Heere is a Dutch wildlife photographer who lives in the city of Dordrecht in The Netherlands.

She is known for her incredible pictures of nature and animals

She’s enjoyed photography her whole life but didn’t take it seriously until her kids grew up and left home. Just before she hit 60 years old, Hannie ultimately decided to take some serious photography courses and learned various techniques to master her lifelong passion.

The 63-year-old photographer was busy capturing snapshots of the owls in a barn when she came across a tiny owl running in the middle of the road.

She did not waste any time and took photos of the rare scene in front of her camera lenses.

Did you know that barn owls do not flap their wings until they are seven weeks old?

In their first seven weeks of life, barn owls do not move their wings or prepare themselves to fly.
Instead, they hop around until they are finally ready to open their wings and try to fly.

They work on developing their muscles so they can fly away, and as they do that, they focus their energy on walking around to get to places.

They even run around as they explore their environment.

This newly hatched owl was trying to see more of its surroundings when Hannie found it.
She shared the moment she suddenly saw the little bird running around.

“I was lying on the ground,” Heere said. “This baby bird has not yet flown and is not afraid. I took the picture from a distance of about 5 to 6 meters,” she said.

The photo was shared online and Hannie could not believe how popular it was.

It even became a meme on the internet!

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