As tough as you are, an adorable dog can always make you cry.
One thing that parents often had to struggle with is whether they’ll buy a pet for their kids or not. As children, we often wish for puppies.

For us, they’re just adorable companions. But for our parents, it’s a responsibility. And if we can’t own that responsibility, then the dog would have to wait.

However, a boy from Ohio was deemed worthy of a surprise.
Sarah Grimpo shared a video of his son’s reaction via the social media site TikTok. The video showed Adam, her son, receiving gifts for his 12th birthday.

Adam was unwrapping his gifts in their kitchen and was obviously excited. Then, he was a bit confused but amused when he found out that he got some strange squeaky toys.

He got a “Stanger Things” -a themed walkie-talkie dog toy and a basketball dog toy.
He inspected the toys and quickly realized that they were something he can’t use. That’s when her mom said, “Are you serious? They’re dog toys? I’m so sorry, buddy, I guess you’re going to need a dog.”

Then, his father Tim walks up behind the unsuspecting birthday boy with the bigger surprise in his arms.

Adam turned to his dad and saw the best birthday gift ever.
His father presented him with a puppy, which Adam had been wishing for since he was three. Now, on his 12th birthday, that wish finally came true.

Adam gasped and took a step back. He can be heard saying “I think I’m going to cry.” Before the overwhelmed boy erupted into tears.

He then walked closer to his dad and ran his hand over the dog’s head so he can introduce himself. Weller, his new best friend, is a black Portuguese water dog and golden retriever mix.

Adam was initially a little upset about the dog gifts he got.
But all of it changed when he realized who the toys were really for. He shared with Good Morning America that he always wanted a dog.

“He’s a really cute dog and I was so excited just to have a new pet and everything and have a lot of memories with him,” the 12-year-old boy said.

The decision to get Adam a dog was because his mom deemed him responsible enough.
When she switched jobs during the pandemic, Grimpo felt it was “finally a good time” to have a family pet. She was now working from home and she also wanted to surprise his son.

She also admitted that the decision was a bit fast. She talked to her husband and decided that Adam indeed proved that he was responsible enough based on his chore chart that summer.

Grimpo also admitted that she became emotional after seeing her son’s reaction.
She thought he would be super excited, but instead, his reaction was raw and emotional. She said that her son’s gratefulness got to them as parents.

In a follow-up video, Grimpo shared that the two had been spending an awful lot of time together and that Adam was also great at taking care of the new family pet.

“It’s just been a great experience all around and definitely a birthday he’ll never forget.” She said.

Watch this boy’s emotional response when he finally got the gift he was asking for.

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