Unlike horses, sharks don’t have a great reputation among the public. However, true animal lovers know they are not only an essential part of the ocean’s ecosystem but also that their survival is also being threatened by humankind. Although people think of sharks as scary and dangerous animals that are a threat to humans, out of 470 species, only four have been known to attack humans, and even then, this perception is down to a few isolated incidents that are not necessarily reflective of their usual behavior towards humankind. Bo has been active with WildAid for nearly two decades, an organization whose goal is to stop people from buying wildlife products. Her activism for sharks even earned her a guest spot on the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week in 2020. Now that’s what you call a true animal lover.

Her love of animals has even led her to a new business venture — a pet care company named Bo Derek Pet Care. The brand includes a range of shampoos and products for animals, including dogs, horses and more. On the official website, Bo reveals how she came up with the idea, saying, “There was a time I found myself with a dozen, smelly dogs that wanted to live in the house with me.”

She continued: “All the dog shampoos I tried, felt more like harsh, household detergents. ‘If they are killing my own hands — what must they be doing to my dog’s skin and coat? I really think they’re contributing to all the skin problems some of my dogs have.’”
On July 19, 2018, Bo was once again recognized for her animal activism when the Helen Woodward Animal Center (HWAC) of Fairbanks Ranch, California, awarded the actress the prestigious “Humane Award.”

Every year, the non-profit organization — whose motto is “people help animals and animals help people” — honors someone for their animal welfare advocacy. According to The Coast News, previous recipients include celebrities like Betty White, Diane Keaton, Kristen Bell and Linda Blair.

Back in 2018, CEO Mike Arms chose to bestow the honor on Bo for her work as the commissioner for the California Horse Racing Board, her time at the Animal Welfare Institute and her service as a special envoy of the Secretary of State for Wildlife Trafficking.

“(Bo Derek) decided she wanted to make a difference in this world — she wanted to make a difference in this life,” Arms said at the awards ceremony, according to The Coast News.

“She also travels the globe on behalf of the Coalition Against Wildlife Trafficking,” Arms added. “It’s a united group of countries working together to fight the $10 billion black market trafficking of endangered species. Bo Derek is an incredible friend of animals, and we’re honored to call her a friend at the Helen Woodward Animal Center.”

Back in 2006, Deputy Secretary Robert Zoelick gave Bo the special envoy position, which, as Arms explained, is instrumental in helping the Coalition Against Wildlife Trafficking to stop the black market trade of animals that remains a massive problem today.

“We have a dizzying array of platforms where all kinds of trade is going on, often with the illegal masquerading as legal,” said Craig Tabor, former special agent in charge of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s intelligence unit, in a 2020 interview with National Geographic.

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