An elderly fast-food employee who had been serving the community for over 30 years and greeting her customers with a warm smile was rewarded in the most heartwarming way.

Believe it or not, random acts of kindness are bound to have a significant impact and go a long way in lifting people’s spirits. In a time of sheer confusion and disarray, especially in the wake of the pandemic, we can all use a little kindness and love.
It can indeed mean a lot when people are acknowledged for their hard work. Moreover, when employees receive appreciation from their employers and customers, they feel motivated and perform to their best abilities.
A 60-year-old employee experienced this love and appreciation from her local community. Lisa Bateman had been working for the popular fast-food chain Burger King in Tappahannock, Virginia, since 1987. A customer, Jaki Vazquez, told CBS 6:

“She knows my order. As soon as she hears my voice, she’s like, ‘Do you want the usual?’”

The elderly employee had been serving people for more than three decades. Whenever she saw someone, whether a fellow employee or a customer, she greeted them with an affectionate smile and a hello.

Every day, the diligent employee walked nearly a mile to reach her workplace, but she never took out her exhaustion on any customer.

Bateman, who also works at Wendy’s, revealed that she would continue working and serving her community as long as her physical health allows.

Regardless of what the weather was like on a particular day, whether heavy rain, snow, cold or scorching heat, Bateman would always make it to her work shift.

Fortunately, Bateman’s fantastic customer service didn’t go unnoticed. In a post shared in a local Tappahannock group on Facebook, a customer was seen praising the elderly employee. Another customer, Jason Cunningham, shared:

“I see her walking all the time and I figure it would be nice to do something like this for someone in the community.”

The Facebook appreciation post turned into a full-fledged community-wide fundraiser quickly. A GoFundMe account was created, where over $4,200 was raised by the community members to buy Bateman a car.

The elderly employee was in for a grand surprise when she saw her regular customer Vazquez at the end of her work shift, who warmly hugged her before presenting her with the car keys. Vazquez told Bateman:

“We as a town of Tappahannock wanted to show you a little bit of appreciation for your hard work, for always giving us positive energy.”

Bateman couldn’t believe her eyes, and her reaction was priceless. She was overwhelmed and shared that she loved her job, and seeing the customers happy made her happy.

The 60-year-old employee said she’s been walking down Tappahannock Boulevard for the past seven years. She also revealed that she has no plans to leave her job at Burger King.
Bateman, who also works at Wendy’s, revealed that she would continue working and serving her community as long as her physical health allows.
Undoubtedly, it’s employees like Bateman who make customer experiences worthwhile. She truly deserved the heart-warming gesture of her community.

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