But Hilaria Baldwin still seems open to potentially expanding her family with her husband Alec Baldwin.

Speaking with Us Weekly, Hilaria, 38, admitted she felt she was done having children – but only ‘time’ would tell if that was truly the case.

Hilaria and Alec welcomed their seventh child together – daughter Ilaria – just last month.

Interestingly, despite the presence of an infant, Hilaria says her household has remained relatively the same since bringing home the newest Baldwinito.

‘I have to say that once I passed three kids, I just embraced the chaos,’ she admitted. ‘We have a wild and super fun house. Always something going on.’

Hilaria also got candid about the difficulties of raising seven children.

‘Being truly present for each one of them is hard, and I obviously don’t get it right all the time,’ she explained.

‘My two oldest have nightly homework that I do with them, and to balance play with the younger ones, breast-feeding the youngest — it can get to be quite a juggle.’

Hilaria confessed she too suffers from mom guilt, but attempts to quell the feelings through self-compassion.

‘This is where I’m trying to lean into self-compassion, realizing that I’m only one person trying her best, and by being kind to myself, I set a healthier example for my kids to be kind to themselves too.’

The interview comes several days after Hilaria shared a snap of herself co-sleeping with baby daughter Ilaria taken by husband Alec – as the actor waits to see if he will face charges in the death of Rust cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

The yoga instructor lauded her 64-year-old husband for snapping the candid moment, which showed her sleeping with her one-month-old nestled into her.

She wrote: ‘My husband takes pics of us when we sleep…used to make me roll my eyes.

‘But co-sleeping with my babies during their first year has been one of my favorite things of being a mother. So thank you @alecbaldwininsta for documenting.’

Hilaria limited comments on the post following a recent online backlash after Alec paid tribute to Hutchins on the one year anniversary of her shooting.

The couple are parents to seven children, with Alec a father to daughter Ireland Baldwin, 27, from his marriage to Kim Basinger.

The post comes after it emerged the Santa Fe prosecutor tasked with bringing charges in the fatal on-set shooting of Hutchins has received the sheriff’s report and is now preparing to make a decision on who should face prosecution.

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