Dogs are pack animals. That’s one of the reasons they form such strong attachments to humans. But sometimes, dogs form these bonds with members of their own species too.

This can happen if a dog shares their home with another dog. Sometimes, they’ll also form a bond when they’re in a shelter.

Apollo and Adonis are a good example of ‘bonded dogs.’
Their futures were uncertain, so brothers Adonis and Apollo held on to each other tight and hugged as their owner surrendered them. Perhaps they had a hunch that they were being placed in one of Texas’ high-kill shelters.

The two dogs were so scared that they were trembling when Cindy Droogmans, the founder of the Long-Island based A-Team Elite Rescue Dogs, first came across them.

Thanks to Droogmans’ organization, Adonis and Apollo didn’t have to stay in that scary place for long.

Once Droogmans brought the two brothers to her vet in Huntington, New York, she discovered the real reason that their owner ditched them at the shelter.
“Probably they are dumped because they are heartworm positive, like most dogs in Texas,” Droogmans told The Dodo. “They are in full treatment now.”

Despite their troubles, these precious little buddies remained inseparable, always holding and cuddling each other for comfort. Typically, Droogmans would find a home for each of the dogs.

However, seeing how adorably close these two are, she was determined to find a forever home that will take them both in.
“A bonded pair is always difficult to place, but look at them,” she said. “How can they ever be split up?”

Thankfully, Apollo and Adonis’ story has a happy ending.
The photo of the pair went viral online, and applications poured in to adopt them. They were adopted out to a forever home together.

“We received many applications for the brothers Apollo and Adonis. They were an internet hit . The brothers are adopted and will leave soon for their forever home… Apollo and Adonis are just 1 pair of the many dogs we pulled from the same high kill shelter. If you like brothers please consider Arenze and Albaco. They are also puppies and need urgent a home where they are loved and get the life they deserve,” the shelter wrote.

Droogmans gave an interview with Bored Panda after the dogs were adopted. She explained they were adjusting to their new space. There was a scary moment soon after they arrived where a nervous Apollo got out. Thankfully, they found him within about 24 hours.

“The trackers team did an amazing job,” Droogmans said. “I was crying and shaking all over. He is back with his brother.”

We’re so glad Apollo and Adonis found the right forever home, a place where they can be together forever. We love a happy ending.

Check out a video about another sweet bonded pair below!
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