Bill and Hillary Clinton are one of the most influential couples in America
and their love story is somewhat extraordinary. They have been together
for nearly 46 years and went through thick and thin in order to keep their
marriage going strong.
Bill has always been interested in politics, even as a teenager. Being
extremely bright and an outstanding student, he got the chance to enrol
some of the most prestigious schools in the country. Following high school,
Bill attended Georgetown University. Then, in 1986, he won a Rhodes
Scholarship to attend Oxford University, and later on earned his law degree
at Yale University.
Those who knew him well were aware of his political aspirations. Bill’s love
for politics grew even stronger after a very special meeting with thenPresident John F Kennedy during a visit of the White House Rose Garden as
a delegate to Boys Nation.
The photo of young Bill shaking the President’s hand gained a lot of
attention and many dub it legendary.
“I was about the third or fourth person in, and…I sort of muscled my way
up (to the front),” Bill once recalled of the meeting which left huge
impression on him.
Many of his friends recalled how Bill wouldn’t stop talking about JFK that
day and was so fascinated and impressed with him that he told a friend,
future Minnesota Congressman Jim Ramstad, that he would have that job
one day.
As we all know, young Bill kept that promise and served as the 42nd
President of the United States of America. During his successful presidency,
he got involved in an affair with intern Monica Lewinsky, which
overshadowed a considerable chunk of his legacy in the White House

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