Elvis Presley, the legendary King of Rock, was not just known for his mesmerizing voice but also for his exquisite taste and design sensibilities, which extended to his private jet.

In 1962, Elvis acquired a customized Lockheed Jetstar model, meticulously designed to his preferences. This article delves into the opulent interior of Elvis Presley’s private jet and its recent sale for a staggering $260,000.

The Jetstar: A Symbol of Elegance

Elvis Presley’s private jet, a Lockheed Jetstar, was a testament to his impeccable taste. The interior of the aircraft was a sight to behold, featuring mahogany paneling, plush crimson velvet couches, and luxurious carpeting. This private jet was a manifestation of Elvis’s commitment to style and luxury, even in the skies.

From Icon to Tourist Attraction

After Elvis’s passing in 1977, his private jet remained dormant for over three decades. It found a new lease of life as a popular tourist attraction in Roswell, New Mexico. The jet, with its striking design, became an iconic symbol of Elvis’s legacy and his enduring sense of style.

A Grand Ascent to the Sky

Imagine the joy and grandeur that Elvis and his father, Vernon Presley, experienced when they first took to the sky in their private plane. Every detail was meticulously curated to ensure the perfect travel experience. Elvis’s passion for design and attention to detail shone through, making this plane a lasting symbol of his legacy.

The Timeless Elegance of Lisa Marie

Elvis Presley’s jet, lovingly named Lisa Marie after his daughter, remained untouched for over three decades in a remote area of New Mexico. Despite the passage of time, the plane’s interior has retained its glamorous appeal. The traditional oak paneling and sumptuous crimson velvet upholstery continue to impress.

Luxurious Comfort in the Sky

The seating area inside the jet is spacious and comfortable, allowing passengers to relax during their journey. Beyond the main dining area, a small but well-equipped kitchen stands ready for food preparation, complete with a vintage microwave. One can’t help but envision Elvis himself whipping up one of his signature sandwiches, a delightful combination of peanut butter, mayonnaise, bacon, and banana.

A Legacy of Luxury

Elvis Presley’s jet, Lisa Marie, solidified his legacy as the undisputed King of Rock and Roll. While the aircraft’s restroom is impressive, there is room for additional elegant touches, such as velvet and a more sophisticated sink. Nevertheless, it’s a significant improvement compared to typical charter aircraft bathrooms.

The Auction and New Ownership

The jet made headlines when it was auctioned on January 8 at the Mecum Kissimmee Collector Car Auction in Florida, fetching an astonishing $260,000. The winning bid was placed anonymously over the phone, marking a milestone in the aircraft’s history.

Elvis Presley’s 1962 private jet, a symbol of luxury and style, has left an indelible mark on aviation history. Its opulent interior and recent sale underscore Elvis’s enduring influence and the timeless appeal of his legacy.

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