You will not believe your eyes when you see what Madonna looks like in real life 

As one may see, Madonna is still in desperate pursuit of staying the beautiful woman she used to be.

For this, she does everything possible including surgeries, beauty procedures, retouching, and filters.

Many have noticed that she is obsessed with her appearance and her life goal seems eternal youth and beauty.

She doesn’t think twice before showing herself in bold and outrageous outfits, miniskirts, and even revealing lingerie.

However much she tries to maintain that «perfect» image, her age is, anyway, showing itself.

In paparazzi photos with no retouching her real face with wrinkles and other imperfections is revealed.

She has lately been caught while arriving at a party dedicated to her book and the paparazzi didn’t miss the chance to catch the «right» moment.

Her spicy corset, fishnet tights, and black blazer captured everyone’s attention.

Many noticed that she had saggy skin and deep wrinkles.

It became quite clear that her appearance in real life greatly differed from that of Instagram.

Many ironically said that she was trying hard to stay young.

«A granny who refuses to age!», «How long did I sleep?», «I can’t believe my eyes. Is this the same woman?», «Social media vs Reality».

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