In preparation for retirement and to live more sustainably, Patricia moved into a custom 22’ tiny house on wheels. Her parking spot is in a wooded mobile home park, on beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia. There her outdoor living space features a spacious deck. Additionally, it has ample room to enjoy her gardening hobby.

Most importantly, downsizing reduced Patricia’s housing expenses, which is expediting her retirement savings plan, perhaps allowing for an early one.

In the meantime, Patricia currently works from home, 3-4 days/week, as an accountant. Consequently, her tiny house features an incredibly well-designed home office, with room for a filing cabinet. It’s located next to her bed, in the landing area. While it requires a couple of steps to get into, Patricia can stand up next to it. Ultimately, it strikes a great compromise between the ease of a downstairs bedroom and a more precarious lofted bedroom. Certainly, this is an essential consideration for those seeking to age in place.

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