Rod Stewart is one of the most iconic performers of his era. The British singer moved to the United States in the 1970s and has made it his home ever since, but now it seems like the singer wants to move back ‘home’.

It seems he is packing up as he has grown tired of some things… Keep reading to learn more.


The 78-year-old musician Rod Stewart is all set to leave the Golden State and move back home to London. According to sources, the famed singer has grown tired of the “toxic culture” in Los Angeles and wants to leave it for the greener pastures of his home country.

According to reports, the singer feels he has “no privacy” in LA, and has grown tired of the “nuisance” he has to deal with in constantly traveling back and forth from the US to the UK.

These reports that the singer is unhappy come just days after his estate in Los Angeles was listed for a cool $70 million. His home is a European-style property that measures about 33,000 square feet with a pool and a soccer field.


The property also boasts a massive pool and a soccer field. The singer bought the home in 1991 for $12.08 million. Apart from the Los Angeles property, he also owns a home in the highly sought-after location of Palm Beach, Florida.

The singer is rumored to be heading back to live in London with his wife Penny Lancaster, whom he married in 2007. As well as the two sons they share; Alastair, 18, and Aiden, 12.

The boys reportedly already go to school in England and are well-settled there. While 52-year-old former model Lancaster works as a volunteer police officer in the country.


“Penny loves the life she has made away from America and away from LA. She enjoys nothing more than working for the police force,” a source reported. “She also finds traveling to be more of a nuisance than anything and wants to just live her life as a working mom,” the source added.

“Besides, she and Rod’s boys are in no way wanting to leave their school and friends in the UK to come over to America,” the insider shared.

The singer has eight children with five different women, and according to a source, the singer is fully supported by his children in his decision to do so.

“They all know how happy he and Penny are living there and that is all they want is for their father to be happy,” the insider said.

It is interesting to see that Rod Stewart is selling his beautiful home so that he can move back to his home country. What do you think about his decision? Let us know in the comments…

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