Being the best man at a wedding is a huge responsibility. This is someone’s big day, and everyone’s got to be looking their best, and feeling their best too.

But Vincent Del Bono isn’t nervous. At least, not from the looks of it.

The 7-year-old was the best man at his dad’s wedding, and his comedically sweet speech has gone viral.

Keeping a speech entertaining while still sentimental and heartfelt is a tricky balance. Vincent’s speech, though, sticks the landing.

His father, Nick, is in the audience with his (now) wife, Lauren.

He trusts his son to deliver a speech everyone will remember, and he got exactly that.
Nick was previously a single parent, and single parents live very different lives from married ones. It must have been hard before he met Lauren, who he’s getting married to. A lot of single parents are fathers, and Nick is one of those countless ones.

But now with a whole family, he can stop worrying.

“For anyone who doesn’t know me, my name is Vincent Del Bono and I am my dad’s best man. I am also a ladies’ man.”

This already got Vincent loud cheers and a “Woooo!” from someone in the crowd.

The laughter from Nick is short-lived, as he hears Vincent announce “Before I begin, I’d like to warn my dad”. Already, you can see Nick’s face instantly go from “Hahaha!” to “…Oh no”.

“I’m going to say potty words the whole time, even though Lauren and my dad said not to.”

Even Lauren looks a bit worried, but Vincent immediately throws out a “Just kidding”, much to their relief. Of course, the audience found his mini-scare of the couple pretty funny.

“My dad is the most loving and caring man I know. He also has way bigger muscles than any other dad from my class.”

There is laughter once again, but there’s a second bit that Vincent didn’t get to yet.
“Sometimes I even think he looks like a superhero,” he says. This makes Nick tear up, and their family and friends can’t help but melt over how sweet it was.

Vincent lists numerous more things that make his dad amazing because absolutely everyone has to know it.
He goes on about how Nick tutors him for school, is present for every game of Vincent’s, and instills proper manners in Vincent.

He wants Vincent to be the best man he can be, and Vincent is incredibly thankful for that. You can even see how proud Nick is of him.

“…but most of all, he loves me. I’d say those things make him a superhero.”

This got him a round of applause and smiles. The next line brought back the comedic energy, though.

“But every real superhero needs a sidekick- that’s me. And every TRUE superhero needs a pretty girl by their side, that’s Lauren.”

Every little boy should have some fun with mischief when they can.

Vincent has his share of mischievous fun by telling everyone what kind of shenanigans Nick pulls on Lauren.

“As the best man, it’s my job to make sure that all of you know how funny and awesome my dad is”. The audience listens attentively, then Vincent tells them “He flicks deodorant balls at Lauren”, “He scares her while she’s in the shower, and he even stinks up the entire apartment”

Now, everyone in the building is laughing uncontrollably. But the speech isn’t just aiming for comedy.
It’s still a heartfelt speech from a son to his father, and Vincent quickly reminds us of that. “Daddy, I’m glad to call you my best friend. And I’m even happier you asked me to be your best man.”

“But most of all, I’m even happier that the three of us are the Del Bono family. I love you guys.”
Vincent ends his speech by raising a toast to Nick and Lauren, who now have tears in their eyes from his speech. It was equal parts funny and heartfelt, but 100% adorable and sweet. No wonder it’s got almost 3 million views.

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